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It’s ok to be you

I love to travel and meet different people from all parts of the world. The world is diverse and full of life, and I have learned so many valuable lessons from people of all different ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. There is no right or wrong way to look or feel provided you aren’t hurting anyone. […]

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Five Ways to Stand Up to a Bully

1.Tell Someone It is very important to tell someone you are being bullied. Many times an adult can intervene and assist in making the bullying stop. There are many trusted people you could confide in such as a parent, teacher, or a friend. You could also call a hotline or visit an online site where […]


Find your inner RawR

We are born into this world with open minds and without inhibitions. Children appreciate everything: Stopping to smell the flowers, singing loudly without hesitation and even something as simple as watching in wonderment as an inchworm crawls past them. Yet, somewhere along all the twists and turns in life’s journey we are taught to “grow […]

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Four Types of Bullying

1. Physical Bullying:            Physical bullying is just that, “Physical”.  Physical bullying usually occurs in boys who want to fit in or have control over others.   It can be anything from pushing, kicking, spitting, slapping, tripping, or stealing possessions such as school supplies, homework, or lunch money. 2. Social Bullying: Social […]

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Three Reasons Why People Will Bully

It is important to know that being bullied is nothing to be ashamed of, and you do not deserve to be mistreated in such a way. There are many reasons why someone chooses to bully, but none of these reasons deem the behavior acceptable. The bully is hurting too and needs to get help as […]

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