Five Ways to Stand Up to a Bully

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1.Tell Someone

It is very important to tell someone you are being bullied. Many times an adult can intervene and assist in making the bullying stop. There are many trusted people you could confide in such as a parent, teacher, or a friend. You could also call a hotline or visit an online site where you can seek advise from others who are either going through, or have been through the same thing. It is important to discuss how the situation will be dealt with when you confide in someone. You are the victim and have done nothing wrong! You do not need to be in the same room as the bully when they are being confronted. Also, you should not have to change your schedule of activities around because someone is bullying you. The only thing that should change is that the bullying stops.

2. Stand Up For Yourself

Although it is very difficult to find the courage sometimes to stand up to a bully or group of people who seem to have power over you, it is necessary if you want their behavior to stop. You do not need to fight in order to stand up for yourself. By simply standing up straight, making eye contact “don’t look at the ground”, and even sometimes when you look stern it will deter a bully from confronting you. A bully is someone that targets people who they think won’t fight back or tell someone. Reach deep inside and find your inner monster. If someone tries to bully you tell them firmly and loud enough for others to hear to “Stop”, or “No”. Walk away calmly and find an adult to help you. You are stronger then you realize. Believe in yourself!

3. Don’t Show Emotions

Don’t show the bully how you really feel. A bully is looking for some type of reaction, whether it is fear or anger. It serves no purpose for the bully if the victim seems not to care. Remain calm always, breathe deeply, and ignore the bully. Sometimes we start to think something is wrong with us, and that we deserve the treatment we are given, this is simply untrue! Don’t get upset, you are a spectacular person and do not deserve to be mistreated.

4. Make Friends

Bullies look for someone who is alone. It is easier to intimidate one person then two or more people. If there is a time or place that you are being bullied each day, find someone to walk with you. Try to join a club in school, or involve yourself in an after school activity. Sometimes this isn’t easy for everyone due to the fact that when your parents work it is difficult to find transportation. Speak with an adult at your school and maybe some type of arrangements could be made. The more friends you have the better support group you will have to surround you.

5. Keep A Record Of Threats

If you are being bullied keep a journal and write down the dates and what happened. Make sure you write down how it may you feel at the time. If you are being cyber bullied save the texts or inappropriate messages as proof of what the bully is doing. If it becomes too overwhelming block the person from contacting you. Remember, a bully wants power over you. There is no better way to take the power back then to block someone from contacting you.


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