Four Types of Bullying

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1. Physical Bullying:

Physical bullying is just that, “Physical”.  Physical bullying usually occurs in boys who want to fit in or have control over others.   It can be anything from pushing, kicking, spitting, slapping, tripping, or stealing possessions such as school supplies, homework, or lunch money.

2. Social Bullying:

Social bullying is as devastating as physical bullying, and occurs more frequently with girls. Social bullying includes harsh words, lies, spreading rumors, or posting inappropriate things about someone online. An example of social bullying would be a girl, or group of girls, deliberately shunning another girl from their group because they are mad at her or find it funny to hurt someone because they are different.

3. Homosexual Bullying

Thirty percent of all teen suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis. Gay and lesbian teens being bullied are two to three times more likely to commit suicide. A gay or lesbian teen is more likely to skip school because they are bullied or feel unsafe due to their sexual orientation. Nine out of ten gay and lesbian teens have been bullied at school. Out of these numbers half have been reported to be physically harassed, followed by another quarter that were physically assaulted. Gay and lesbian teens are many times more reluctant to share their experiences with teachers or a trusted adult for fear of rejection from family and friends.

4. Cyber Bullying

As the internet becomes more popular, bullying online is becoming more frequent. Cyber bullying is when someone leaves demeaning messages or texts on your Facebook page or cell phone. This is many times more psychologically harming because digital technology spreads over a widespread area instantly. It is possible to print screen messages to show the offending action or to trace the IP address in order to locate the computer the cyber bullying is taking place from. Often adults will become involved with this type of bullying which brings the level of offense to cyber stalking or harassment.


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