Find your inner RawR


We are born into this world with open minds and without inhibitions. Children appreciate everything: Stopping to smell the flowers, singing loudly without hesitation and even something as simple as watching in wonderment as an inchworm crawls past them.

Yet, somewhere along all the twists and turns in life’s journey we are taught to “grow up”, to “be quiet” and to “stop acting foolish”. We lose touch with our inner monster, and we forget how to RawR!

Being responsible is very important, but seeing life through the eyes of a child is equally crucial. Never completely shut out your inner monster or quiet your inner RawR. It is more than alright to Unleash what’s Unique.

Learn to appreciate the things in life that make you happy. Life has so many opportunities to offer us: Everything from watching the sunrise, to attending a concert, to getting that tattoo you have always wanted or going on a road trip with your dearest friends. Mel Monsta is a reminder to adults that life is often about releasing your inner RawR and living life to the fullest.

We hope to hear from both children and adults around the world. We want to know how they have discovered or re-discovered their inner RawR with their MeL Monstas. Together we can start a movement that inspires individuals to go out and really live without worrying what others might say or think, just like MeL Monsta!


with us!

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